Tips to Have a Great School Year



Here are some simple, straight-forward tips to help students of any age have a great start to the school year.

Smile! – Smiling helps you seem confident, happy, and approachable. Even if you aren’t 100% there yet, smiling is an easy way to start your road to confidence!

Starting Fresh – There’s something about new school supplies that signals a fresh start to a new school year. Stock up on designs that are visually pleasing to you.

Healthy Start – Give yourself something to look forward to each morning to resist that temptation to hit Snooze repeatedly. Whether it’s meeting friends for breakfast, or a trip for your favorite coffee or smoothie.

Because I’m Happy…. – Celebrate your successes of the week, big or small (getting to school on time, acing that first test, having a class with a friend). This will help you see positive outcomes in the things you do.

Plan Ahead – Figure out special plans for the upcoming weekend. Having something to be excited about will help you move forward throughout the week.

Locker Makeover – Decorate your locker with things you love and that make you happy (pictures of your pet, favorite quotes or song lyrics, pictures of friends).

Tackle the Difficult Stuff First – When work starts piling up, figure out the hardest thing you have to do and tackle it first (while you are most focused). This will also give you a feeling of success and the smaller things you have left to do will be a breeze!

Random Acts of Kindness – Doing nice things for other people not only helps them, but also creates feelings of goodwill within ourselves

Be Inspired – Write inspirational quotes or positive affirmations in all of your notebooks and planner, so when you crack one open you will feel inspired and motivated.

Freestyle (Writing) – Do a quick journaling session each morning or evening to get things off your mind and onto paper. Plus, once everything is written down, you can make sense of what your goals are and what needs to be a priority.

Personal Mantra – Come up with an inspirational keyword or phrase that describes your outlook for the year ahead (mindful, positive, courage, productive, etc). Keep the word or phrase around you in several highly visible places (such as post-its on your mirror, in your notebooks or planner, on your cell phone screen) to remind you to practice that mindset every day.

Embrace the Positive – Accept compliments and practice gratitude by keeping a list of things you are thankful for every day. Remembering the positive can help block out the negative.

You CAN Sit With  Us – Start a weekly tradition with all your friends. It will give you something to look forward to every week, and is a fun way to make memories.

Wear what makes you feel good – Find styles and colors that make you feel good. Notice what you tend to get compliments on, and what you enjoy wearing most.

Cut the Clutter – Go through your bedroom and cut out all the clutter. Find a place for everything, and have everything in its place. When you get rid of stuff you no longer use, and you’re able to find what you need, you’re mind will feel less cluttered too!


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